Monday, May 4, 2009

Solution to the ORABEL-08021 "partnerlink not found" problem!

I was seeing an ORABPEL-08021 error when calling a Oracle BPEL web service via C# in .Net. Specifically, the error returned was:

<env:Envelope xmlns:env="">
<env:Fault xmlns:env="">
<faultcode xmlns="">env:Server</faultcode>
<faultstring xmlns="">ORABPEL-08021 Cannot find partner wsdl. parnterLink "MyService" is not found in process "MyService" (revision "1.0") Please check the deployment descriptor of the process to find the correct partnerLink name.
<faultactor xmlns=""></faultactor>

The problem was that I was using the wrong URI to access the service. I was using:


and I should have been using:


So, my own silly fault really! Normally I can take the WSDL address (eg. http://myserver:8888/orabpel/default/MyService/1.0/MyService?wsdl) and just drop the "?wsdl" off the end to get the service endpoint. Not with these Oracle BPEL services though. If I had bothered to read the WSDL, I would have seen that the endpoint address is clearly specified. One more thing to note: with an Oracle BPEL service, you can also drop the version number off the end and it will still work, calling the latest version by default. eg:



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